So you finally bought that spiffy new motorbike and you just can’t wait to take it out  for a spin. While most bikes often include some standard protective gear as part of the package, making sure your motorcycle helmet is the perfect fit for you is essential for getting maximum protection and surviving your bike.

Moto1 offers a fine variety of protective riding gear and also offers a great selection of specialized motorcycle helmets. If you are in need of a helmet that will fit your head and riding style like a glove, figuratively speaking, this is a great place to begin your search.

To narrow down the rather large selection you will find at, here are some helpful pointers on choosing the best helmet for you.

1. Get a Good Measurement

When it comes to personal safety at high speeds, size does matter. You will want to begin your search with the right measurements. This can be done in the comfort of your home with a simple tape measure. Place the tip of the tape in the center of your forehead and wrap the tape around your head in a straight line. The number you find will be the circumference of your head. This will help you find the closest fitting size.

2. The Right Shape

Heads are long and short wider from front to back or from side to side, knowing the shape of your head will help you choose the shape of helmet better. A motorcycle helmet that comfortably accommodates the shape of the rider’s head will offer better protection should the worst happen. This is a point where the exterior of the helmet will not provide enough information, it will be necessary to look at the inner padding. While most motorcycle helmets comfortably accommodate all heads equally,, it is always best to….

3. Try It On

It may look perfect, especially in a picture, but it is important that you try your helmet on to ensure the proper fit before entrusting your life to the protective device. Remember that different manufacturers offer different sizes and shapes. Before beginning your search of Moto1’s extensive helmet selection, you may want to visit a physical location and get fitted for the perfect helmet, this will provide you with a better idea of the specifics you are looking for in a helmet. Go crazy and try on all you can, note the brands, designs and padding you find most comfortable. When your product arrives from you will be sure it fits like a proper helmet should.

4. Trying your Helmet

Place the helmet on your head and wiggle your head around, did it shake a lot? Next try turning the helmet to the left and right. A motorcycle helmet that does not fit right will move freely, a snug fit will move with your head but not restrictively, this is the best fit for maximum protection.

Don’t take it off just yet, remember that you will be wearing this helmet for extended periods of time while in motion and on a throbbing two-wheeler. After a long period of time, helmets that are slightly too small can feel suffocating and uncomfortable. If you have found a helmet you like, wear it for about 5 to 10 minutes and see if the comfort endures. If it does not fit, find another option. If it is still comfortable after ten minutes you can be sure this is a good size for you.